Mp3 Quran

MP3 Quran nowadays is the way of quickly listening, learning and reading mobile application which you can easily install in your Android, iOS or window mobile. You can also read, hear and read the Holy Quran on your laptop or personal computer if you want to read and listen to the Holy Quran and quickly. Usually, during traveling you realize about the difficulty of carrying the Holy Quran physically; but do not worry now you can quickly read and listen the Holy Quran Mp3 on your mobile.

The glorious Book Al-Quran is the words of Allah (God), and there is no doubt about its divinity, brought by Angel Jibraeel to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Online Quran learning and listening is the superlative method which is very useful and got high approval among Muslims and everyone living in western countries. Is it permissible to listen to Qur’an recitation from headphones (using an mp3 player, or cell phone, etc.) when we are laying on the bed trying to sleep or is it disrespectful to Qur’an? Would say it is okay as long as you pay attention and listen to it. I will conclude, that it is okay and not disrespectful to listen to the Qur’an while going to sleep as long as you listen to it attentively. I recall that there is a Hanafi ruling that you must pay attention if the Qur’an is recited (as the above Ayah says) because if you fall asleep, you won’t be paying attention anymore. If you feel that you are going to fall asleep, then I would say to turn it off. Also, Note that It is disrespectful to Quran to turn it off in the middle of an Ayat. So, Turn it off, after the ayat is finished. There is nothing wrong with a Muslim listening to the Quran before going to sleep.

Indeed it is narrated in the saheeh Sunnah that the Remembrance of bedtime reading and listening verses (ayat) of the Quran. And listen to the Quran before sleeping and after Leading to the comfort of the hearts. But it should be noted, not allowed to listen to the Quran in the cases of fun or the departure thinking about it, either when going to sleep there is nothing wrong in that. Online Quran listening in shape of Mp3-Quran start to have a superb and admirable chance for people who do not have an approach to an Aalim, Hafiz or Qari and want to learn Quran, the glorious book of Allah Almighty. Anybody of any age even a child can listen and learn the Holy Quran in Mp3 (audio) in his/her native language recites by the most popular reciters of the words either in Arabic, English, Hindi, Pashto, Urdu inducing more than 55 languages. You can easily download Mp3 Quran on your Android, Apple or Window mobile phone and get access to the Holy Quran in your native language. Mp3 Quran application for mobile is straightforward and easy to use. You download it from and then listen the Holy Quran in your native language with hundreds of reciters.

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